Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Make Crepes & Salted Butter Caramel with Jamie Oliver

French Guy Cooking is a popular Youtube show on the internet.

Often times, he interviews acclaimed chefs (like Jamie Oliver) and teaches novices how to cook divine yet authentic French dishes.

For Pancake Day, the 'French Guy' teamed up with acclaimed chef, Jamie Oliver, to create Crepes with caramel beurre sale (salted butter caramel sauce).

What's most unique about this show is that it's often infused with humor, antics, and silly jokes on the side--to making the cooking experience so much smoother.

If you are new to cooking and want to make an authentic crepe sauce for your crepes, please check this clip here and make the sauce for yourself.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Shakespeare! Wonder What He Would Eat Today?

If William Shakespeare was still alive, he would be 450 years old today.

His work has stood the test of time primarily because they are relevant today.

Imagine a TV Soap without the influence of "Romeo or Juliet" or, better yet, a play without the influence of "Hamlet", "Macbeth", or "Twelfth Night"?

Shakespeare has forever shaped the way we view literature, entertainment and the English language. Not only that, have you ever wondered what foods nourished this acclaimed playwright?

What did he eat before he even wrote his innumerable sonnets? What quenched his thirst after he acted in one of his plays?

Shakespeare and his contemporaries enjoyed different fruits, nuts, and herbs given the season. The diet of any 16th century Englishman (or woman) provided sustenance and medicine. Primarily, pottage and bread were the main staple during this era. Depending on what bread was eaten determined the social position of the consumer.

Imported sugars and spices influenced English cooking back then and were also used to preserve foods. In addition, wines and beers with low alcohol content were consumed during ever meal. If you want to read more about Shakespear's diet, click here. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Delicious Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter is a Catholic holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This holiday is preceded by Lent, which is a 40 day period of prayer and fasting. Roman Catholic Easter, Orthodox Christian Passover, and Jewish Passover are positioned around the same time every year and are celebrated by millions of people around the world.

In the U.S., Catholic Christians celebrate Easter by coloring eggs, attending Church services and of course, hosting family dinners.

Here are some Easter foods you can try for brunch or dinner:

Beehive Bread
It's shaped like a beehive and is designed to be both a crowd and kid-pleaser. This dish is great when it's served with honey and zesty clementines.

Bacon and Egg Stuffed Tomatoes
This dish is often served as a centerpiece for Easter brunch. Think about it. What DO you DO with all those colored eggs? You make them into delicious treats for the family of course!

Mega Monster Muffins
Brunch isn't brunch without yummy muffins. This easy recipe uses either frozen or fresh blueberries. What makes this treat beyond delectable is the rich, crumbly bits that, somehow, transforms it from breakfast to dessert.

Turkey Maple Sausage
This simple homemade recipe will impress friends and family. All you need to do is ground up turkey and add maple syrup and herbs to concoct this delicious side for your crepes.

What do you plan to make for Easter Brunch? Comment below your suggestions!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

CREPiNi Has FREE Shipping Until the End of April

CREPiNi has a special sale until the end of April. We are offering free shipping on our 10" Naked crepes, 6" Mini Crepes, and with our 3" Cocktail Crepes.

Our award-winning crepes are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let's also not forget that Passover and Easter are coming up--what a perfect way to bring family and friends together!

Along with providing FREE Shipping on our Nakeds, Minis and Cocktails, we also have delicious specials with our filled crepes.

Our Filled Crepes
Add an extra Spring into your step with our Spinach Feta, Braised Cabbage, Egg &Cheese, and Apple Blini crepes.

They are perfect for snacking on and make great appetizers for brunch.

If you register on our website, you save 10% on your first order.

Click here for more information. 

The Fresh Find Featured CREPiNi & Invented Delicious Crepe Recipes!

Kristin, from 'The Fresh Find,' recently discovered our crepes at a Central Market event in Austin, Texas. As an ardent crepe lover, she looked far and wide for ways to fill her crepe void. When she discovered CREPiNi, she was overjoyed that there were these crepes made without butter.

Our braised cabbage crepes left a great impression with Kristin too. In fact, she went back to the Central market stand, several times, to devour these treats.

What impressed us the most is her creativity. Kristin developed the most mouth-watering, delectable crepe recipes using CREPiNi crepes! Her egg white crepes, carmalized apple crepes, and especially her strawberry and greek yogurt crepes were designed to impress foodies.

 If you want to learn how to make these delicious recipes please check out the rest of her article here.

Crepes from Around the World

Most countries have their own rendition of a crepe. Sometimes they are sweet, salty, thin, thick or a mixture of both.

Other times, these delicious crepes are topped with sour cream, ground meat, or fruit.

Often times, they are eaten in the middle of the street or savored with family during special holiday.

We compiled a list, from Buzzfeed, of popular crepes enjoyed from different parts of the world ranging from the United States to Greece and India.

Tiganites (Greece)
Thin, yet beautifully browned crepes that can be topped with cinnamon, honey or yogurt.

Dosa (India)
It's a fermented crepe made from rice batter. This popular South Indian dish is often enjoyed with decadent chutneys, and lentil soups like sambar.

Hotcakes (Mexico)
Although hotcakes are similar to American pancakes, they do differ in preparation and are often made with brown butter and heaps of cinnamon.

Somalia (Anjero)
Although it's similar to the Ethiopian injera, this spongy flat bread is made with raising yeast flour.

Cachapas (Venezuela)
These round, corn pancakes, are normally folded over with fresh cheese.

Kaisherchmarrn (Austria)
In short, these fluffy little pieces of bread are named after Kaiser France Joseph of Austria. These caramelized pieces are often enjoyed with jam, honey, and cream.

Buttermilk Pancakes (United States)
The classic pancake is fluffy, light and served with fresh maple syrup. What makes this dish so popular in the U.S is its signature thickness, thanks to a heaping dose of baking soda.

Are there any crepe-like dishes that you love to eat that you do not see on this list? Sound off!

Friday, April 18, 2014

What is a Blini?

So, what is a blini? It's the big question asked today that has a delicious answer.

A blini is a thin pancake that uses yeast and this leavening agent alters its taste and texture. Although blinis are similar to crepes, blinis are generally more thicker than your usual crepe. In addition, a traditional Russian blini is made with yeasted butter and is left to dilute in boiling water or milk.

 In contrast to blinis, crepes  are made from an un-yeasted batter comprised of flour, eggs, and milk. This explains why crepes are much thinner than its' counterpart.

In early Slavic times, blinis were made to symbolize the sun. Traditionally, they were also prepared at the end of winter in celebration of Maslenitsa, e.g., "Pancake Week" since it's an indulgence often enjoyed before Lent.

 Did you know that Blinis are popular in the United States? Yes, and they are also prepared in different ways. For starters,  blini batter is sometimes filled with raisins, apples or potatoes. Often times, they are covered with honey, jam, sour cream or caviar.

Blintzes, or Blinchikis (Russian definition), on the other hand, are rolled up blinis with meat, cheese, cabbage, onion, or mushroom fillings.

Blinis are a popular dish enjoyed before Lent and even for Easter brunch. Especially when you pair them with honey and good company.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Cherry Blossom Festival Crepes

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a Spring celebration held in Washington D.C that commences between late March and ends in mid-April.

The the festival was inspired by Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo gift of Japanese cherry trees to the city of Washington D.C.

Basically, the trees were donated as a way bridge a close friendship between Japan and the United States.

Festivities for this two-week event are comprised of a 10-mile run, parades, and the largest Japanese Cultural Festival in the United States. If you are enamored with the cherry blossoms but don't live in the D.C area, consider making Cherry Blossom Crepes at home.

This easy-to-make crepe recipe uses food coloring, sugar, and sweet-bean paste to give the crepes an extra flare.

If you want to bring the Cherry Blossom Festival into your home, make these crepes and remember to serve them up with green or jasmine tea.

Click here for the Cherry Blossom Crepe Recipe.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

What is a Mille Crepe Cake?

A Mille Crepe Cake is cake with several crepe layers. In between each layer is freshly-made cream, custard or sauces. The crepes, itself, are made with flour, eggs, sugar, and milk.

In French, mille means a thousand, and it often refers to the many layers found within the crepe cake. Crepe cake layers can vary from 30 to even a hundred layers. It all depends on the recipe and the chef.

Crepe cakes are a popular treat across the United States, especially in New York City. Crepe cakes can range from different creams, layers, and even different styles.

We even compiled a list of popular crepe cake recipes for you to try at home!

Grand Marnier Crepe Cake
Grand Marnier is a popular liquor used in gourmet treats. With this recipe, make sure you use grated orange zest to revitalize your cake. Click here for recipe.

Boston Cream Crepe Cake
Instead of driving all the way Boston for a Boston Cream Pie you can make a Boston Cream Crepe Cake at home with fresh custard, rich ganache, and with crepe layers. Click here for recipe.

Creme Brulee Crepe Cake
Imagine a crepe cake with a creme brulee glaze? This recipe ensures that and a light, airy, guilt-free taste. Click here for recipe.

Coconut Cream Crepe Cake
It can only taste like a dream. This delicacy takes patience, coconut cream, and extra-attention. The end result is a beautifully stacked cake that even Snow White would approve of. Click here for recipe.

CREPiNi now sells crepe cakes on it's online store. We have different sizes of our Vanilla and Chocolate crepe cakes for sale now. Check it out here!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Traditional Foods For Passover

Passover, this year, begins in the evening of April 14 and ends in the evening of April 22.

Aside it being a holiday rich in tradition, family and food. Did you know that a number of foods eaten during the first two nights of Passover have special meaning?

Family customs may vary.  However, here's a listing of some traditional items eaten during Seder.

Three unleaven pieces of bread are placed within the folds of a napkin. This symbolizes the time when the Israelites fled Egypt in haste.

It's a vegetable, either parsley or celery, that represents salvation and hope. Normally, it's served in a bowl of salt water to represent shed tears.

In short, it's a mixture of nuts, wine, fruit, and cinnamon. This is served as a reminder of the mortar used by Jewish people in the construction of buildings as slaves.

Traditionally, this roasted piece of lamb represents the paschal sacrificial offering. 

Easter/Passover are just a few short weeks away! Are you ready for it?
Don't worry, we got you covered. For a limited time, we are offering free shipping for businesses and customers on our: Cocktail, spinach feta, Naked (including Mini), braised cabbage, and apple blini crepes.

Click here for our Specials!

Friday, April 04, 2014

CREPiNi Enters a New Export Market

CREPiNi is well known in the U.S as the distributor of ready-made crepes, blinis, and sweet n' savory filled crepes.

Recently, CREPiNi met with a Mexican company looking to import crepes in Mexico and Latin America.

This is the company's first venture into Mexco and it has been met with much success. CREPiNi looks forward to improve their visibility in Latin America and with introducing the product to a different type of consumer.

By entering the Mexican market, the company will be able to expand their reach into a new market with high potential plus augment production efforts. Click here for the rest CREPiNi's success story.

CREPiNi Entered into 2014 Sofi Awards Competition

If you don't know, the Sofi awards celebrates the best of the best in the specialty food business.

Everyone who enters receives feedback from judges, and is able to learn more about one's product as well.

The Sofi Awards solidifies quality and taste since it's an acronym for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation.

Did you know that CREPiNi has already won 4 Sofi awards?

Yes, competition was stiff but we have always enjoyed being purveyors of unique n' yummy crepes for your tasting pleasure.

This year we are entering some of our singular crepes (and a crepe cake) into the drawing for the Spring Sofi Awards Show.

We're entering the following into the competition.

Cheddar Jalapeno CREPiNi Bites For Best Appetizer
This scrumptious appetizer is savored by cheese lovers and admired by anyone who wants a spicy kick in their food.

3 Inch CREPiNi Blini For Best Perishable Food Service Item 
Chefs love using this blini to showcase delicious fillings such as caviar, cheese, pates, fruit, and jams. It's a mini canvas for anyone with a big imagination.

Raspberry Ganache Bites For Best Dessert
This low calorie dessert (60 calories per two hearty bites) was imagined, expanded and created by the ever popular Jean Francois of Tumbadoor Chocolate. This famous pastry chef filled this ultra light crepe wrap with our crepes.

CREPiNi 20 Layer Mille-Cake For Best Baked Goods
If you can wish it, you can make it happen. And that's the story of our 20 layer crepe-mille cake. We implemented a light cream napoleon style crepe with gavottes and chocolate shavings.

Braised Cabbage Crepes For Best Frozen Savory Treat
This snack raises the stakes high for being the ultimate savory treat for anyone who loves zesty vegetables. Kids and adults alike love this treat.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Final Four 2014: Delicious & Healthy Snacks For Your Party

March Madness will be drawing to a close this weekend. Have you filled out your brackets---accurately?

Even if you have (or haven't), the Final Four consisting of the Florida Gators, Wisconsin Badgers, Connecticut Huskies, and Kentucky Wildcats, will be neck and neck in North Texas this year.

Whether you are a Gators, Badgers, Huskies or even a Wildcats fan---we know you're going to be hungry and wanting something savory yet hearty to snack on.

We got you covered. We found these "Slam Dunk Recipes" from The Food Channel's Website that will tantalize your taste buds and even impress your guests.

Sun Dried Tomato and Green Onion Dip
This fresh n' tasty dip has a nice lemony touch. Not only does this have a robust flavor but it also adds a touch of class to your party. Click here for the recipe.

Baked Bleu Cheese Dip
 It's creamy, it's decadent, and makes your buffalo wings look fancy schmancy. This delicious dip melds blue cheese, green onions and cream cheese into a yummy smattering of deliciousness. Click here for the recipe. 

Spiced Rum Punch
If you and your guests are craving something tart but not overly sweet, than this drink will do the trick. Remember to add a slice of clementine on the rim of your drink. Click here for the recipe. 

Queso Con Chorizo
This simple to prepare Mexican fondue combines gooey cheese, spicy sausages, tomatoes and chilies into this addictive concoction. Click here for the recipe. 

Who do you think will win this weekend? Sound off!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fools Day: Now Try These Food Prank Ideas!

April 1st is known world-wide as April Fools day! Although this is not a national holiday, it is widely celebrated all over.

For instance, in Belgium, France, and Italy, adults and children attach paper tails on each other's backs and scream, "April Fish" (in their own languages, of course). 

Did you know that April Fools may have been celebrated in the 13th century? 

In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, there is a reference to April 1 being the day when foolishness is celebrated. From then on, this holiday has spread to different parts of the world. 

Normally, pranks such as 'kick me signs', switching restroom signs, and saran wrapping toilet paper in restrooms are performed by jovial pranksters.

Food lovers, on the other hand, love to use culinary arts to trick friends and family. If you want to make your tricks more delicious this year than check out these food prank ideas borrowed from Buzz Feed. 

Doughnuts Full of.. MAYO?
Courtesy of BuzzFeed

The Undrinkable Jello Drink

Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Oreos Full of Toothpaste, Anyone?