Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NYSNA Annual Child Nutrition Conference in Niagra Falls, NY

 Crepini attended the annual NYSNA Child Nutrition Conference 2012

Crepini's Egg and Cheese Rollups are a Child Nutrition (CN) approved breakfast product, and already on the Citywide Breakfast Menu in NYC public schools. At the New York State Nutrition Association (NYSNA) conference this year, we successfully launched the new Crepini Grilled Cheese Rollup  a certified CN product that would be a great addition to the lunch menu in public schools nationwide.

Crepini Rollups have been on the NYC Citywide Lunch Menu for the last two years. Our products were chosen for two simple reasons: child-approved taste and doctor-recommended nutrition. We want to share the rollup line with schools around the country, so that kids from other states can enjoy the same treat as New York City school children!