Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last Day of the Winter Olympics: Russian Foods to Warm You Up

Russian Hot Chocolate
This year's Winter Olympics was full of many firsts, especially for the United States.

American duo Meryl Davis and Charlie White garnered a gold medal in ice dancing. Who knew ice dancing can be bursting with tranquil yet heart-stopping beauty?

What was also surprising was Snowboarding great Shaun White's epic bum run.  This two-time Olympic half-pipe champion had a killer run but failed at the finals, placing fourth place, overall.

No matter who you were rooting for this year, we have your back when it comes to enjoying the conclusion to today's festivities.

We found delicious Russian recipes that will warm up your bodies---this year's weather, thus far, is off-kilter--and cultivate your mind with Russian culture. Enjoy!

Russian Hot Chocolate
This cold weather calls for some delicious hot chocolate with cream fraiche, brown sugar and orange rind for a zesty after taste. Click here for recipe.

Solianka (Russian Beet Soup)
This is a traditional Russian soup that is often served as a meal, on its' own. This unique dish is comprised of kielbasa, capers, and Hungarian sweet paprika. Click here for recipe.

Russian Tea Time
Did you know that Russia has a long-standing tea tradition? Tea in Russia is a social activity that warms you up and brings people together. Interested in having your own Russian Tea Time at home? Click here for tips.

Beef Khartcho with Fresh Tomatoes
This delicious dish pairs short ribs, Spanish onions, and roma tomatoes in a tantalizing way. Click here for recipe. 

Maslenitsa Feb 24 to March 2, 2014 : Russian Crepe Week

Maslenitsa is a religious and folk holiday celebrated during the last week of February, right before Lent.

Though this holiday has origins stemming from pagan and Christian traditions, this ebullient holiday is celebrated as an end to Winter.

 In addition, Maslenitsa, like Lent, is also the last week to enjoy dairy products and secular activities.  Too Americans, this holiday has often been joked as a Russian form of Mardi Gras since there is good food, jovial people, and time-honored traditions.

Activities such as: Sledding, burning a straw-like effigy called "Lady Maslenitsa," visiting family, and riding on swings are quite popular during this week-long holiday.

Did you know that there are also dancing bears during Maslenitsa? Bears are a symbol of Russia.

On Sunday, the holiday reaches a graceful end, when people ask forgiveness from their friends and families for past grievances.

So why is Maslenitsa known as crepe week? Blini (crepes) are the most popular food during this week-long holiday since it's rich in butter, eggs and milk. Blinis are also round like the sun and that represents the beginning of Spring.

Maslenitsa without crepes is like Christmas without presents. Unthinkable.

Blinis are often enjoyed with sour cream, caviar, jams, and berries.

Even if you live in the United States, you can celebrate this holiday from February 24 to March 2. Just eat crepes with your family and rejoice in each other's company.

Happy Maslenitsa from CREPiNi and The Crepe Team! 

We wish you and all of your loved ones a memorable week full of crepes, humor, and tradition. In honor of Maslenitsa we are running sales for our Babulini Blini (just $3.59) and Mini Russian Blini ($2.89) crepes (From Feb 24 - March 2) at your local Netcost Market stores. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Valentines Day Crepe Recipes

Red Velvet Shaped Heart
In less than 24 hours, lovers and family members will be exchanging cards, candies and kisses.

We understand that it's easier for some to just drive to their local Walgreens to pick out presents. But we also know that the best way to impress a loved one is by making something from scratch--preferably decadent crepes.

Crepes, like Valentines Day cards, can be used as a way to express ones feelings. For example, do you see this red velvet crepe on the left-hand side? Doesn't it speak volumes to you?

Or, more like, doesn't it make you want to eat it?

Exactly. We knew what you were thinking.

We compiled a list of the best Valentines Day Crepe recipes that are sure to tug at someone's heart strings and bring more sweetness into your life.

Rose Petal Syrup and Crepes with Rose Creme and Raspberries

Roses are red, and violets are blue. Rose flavored crepes are yummy, we are that's true. Chef Mary here for the recipe.
Heart-shaped Crepes
Sonnier invented this recipe in 2009 and we know that this recipe beats a dozen roses, any day. Click

Red Velvet Crepes 

Red velvet crepes are delicious, decadent and perfect for Valentines day brunch. What are you waiting for? Click here for the recipe.

Heart-shaped Crepes

How big is your heart? You can make it any size if you follow this Heart-shaped crepe recipe. Click here for recipe.

Strawberry Marscapone Crepe Cups

Strawberries, marscapone, and crepes. What's not to love? All you need is fresh strawberries, cocoa powder, and phyllo cups. Click here for the recipe.

Do you have any other crepe ideas for Valentines day? Comment below!

Happy Valentines Day from CREPiNI & The Crepe Team! We hope you and your loved ones have a warm yet memorable day. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

CREPiNi Featured on FRESH by Brookshire's Blog

CREPiNi made a great first impression with Myste Snow, a contributing writer from FRESH by Brookshire's website.

Snow wrote, "You can add a little sophistication to your life with [these] delicious, ready-to-heat crepes!"

She also raved that, "They are an ideal blend of the French crepe and the Russian blini."

Interested in reading more? Click here to read the rest of this insightful article.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Epicurious Cheats with Crepe Making by Using CREPiNi

Joanne Camas from Epicurious recently wrote about how she uses CREPiNi crepes to save time in meal making.

What an honor!

Camas even included delicious sweet and savory crepe recipe ideas such as s'mores, Vietnamese shrimp and pork, and ham and watercress crepes.

Check out her article, "Cheating With Crepes: 10 Tips" right here.

 And also let her know if you prefer sweet or savory crepes. Everyone has a favorite. 

Saturday, February 08, 2014

CREPiNi Fans Threw a Crepe Party in Maryland

Crepe party picture courtesy of Sherryn 
Crepes are not only delicious and easy to cook with, but they can also be used to theme a birthday party.

Just last weekend, local Maryland blogger Sherryn Daniel, who manages Best of Baltimore Blog, held an intimate birthday party and featured CREPiNi's naked, spinach &feta, and sour cherry crepes for her crepe making station.

Sherryn custom-made crepes for her guests by using fresh spinach, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, olives, and Italian white truffle cream. She would later fold the crepes into fourths, and microwave them for 45 seconds.

Guests loved how the crepes held the filling together and that they were already ready-made. No need to spend 30 minutes making them from scratch.

Crepes were also paired with Turkish Jams ranging from sour cherry, orange rind, pear, and lemon for a more unique tasting experience.

Crepe lovers were impressed with what they ate and also had something to say about about their crepe making/eating experience.

"These are really good crepes. I hope CREPiNi comes to more stores in the DMV"
Stephen Dupal, 
Catonsville, Md.

"Wow, those crepes are filled with deliciousness."
Cyriac Edapully
Germantown, Md.

"All I can say about these crepes is that they are so delicious! I also really like it's versatility. They were easy and fun to prepare. I will definitely buy these if I see them when I go grocery shopping."
Jill Dembek
Rockville, Md

Have you ever had a Crepe party? Comment below! 

Friday, February 07, 2014

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: Celebrate by Eating Tasty Russian Foods

Blini with fresh caviar
Today is the official start of the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia and, boy, was that a show to remember!

Spectators from all across the globe watched an illustrious light show bursting with classical Russian music, and they also witnessed a girl, fastened with wires, that flew in the air, over floats depicting popular landscapes from Russia.

Moreover, fans of Alpine skiing, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, and Speed Skating will be dazzled by athletes prowess and erudition on the field this and next week. We know we're excited about the games!

For many of us who will be snugly ensconced in our homes, we can all learn more about Russian culture, by eating some delicious food, as we watch the games.

Did you know that  Russian dishes, which ranges from syrniki, borscht, shashlik, can easily be made at home?

Check out these popular Russian recipes when you get the chance!

When it's cold outside, make sure you make this mulled honey drink!

If you are ever craving cheese and pancakes, make this dish. 

This delicious beef and beet soup is scrumptious with a dollop of sour cream.

In short, it's pretty much a Russian lamb kebob with tomato prune sauce.

If you guessed Russian crepes then you are correct! Instead of making these from scratch, check out CREPiNi's website for ready-made crepes.

Monday, February 03, 2014

National Crêpe Day: Why Not Celebrate It All Week Long?

Crepe cake made with lemon, cream, and strawberries
February 2 is synonymous as the day when the groundhog saw his shadow and when the Seattle Seahawks annihilated the Denver Broncos with a 43-8 score at this year's Superbowl.

In spite of many of us having to endure six more weeks of winter (the Polar Vortex is no one's friend) and regardless of the fact that there will be contentious/or highly blissful workers in the workplace this week: You can always find simple respite with National Crepe Day, which is also, coincidentally, celebrated on Feb 2.

Unlike the Superbowl and Groundhog day, you can celebrate National Crepe Day all week long, if you like, and use this holiday as an excuse for more "me" time.
Hungry, Hungry Groundhog!

It's also tradition in France to serve crepes February 2 (also called Avec Crepe Day), as a way to celebrate Virgin Mary Blessings Day. Did you know that crepes can be eaten anytime during the day; it's not just a dessert item.

Whether you want to fill crepes with yogurt and strawberries for dessert or if you want to add manchego cheese, chicken and spinach for dinner---crepes can cut cooking time in half.

In honor of this special holiday, we found seven crepe recipes you can use for the rest of the week.

National Crepe Day Recipes

Crepe Football, anyone?
The best way to commemorate this singular day in history is by making this Super Bowl Seven Layer Dip Recipe.You can either change the shape from a football to a groundhog, it all depends on what you want to celebrate.

If you are a big fan of  the Food Network's Bobby Flay, then you may love this Crepe Suzette Recipe here.

France may be known for making wonderful crepes but other parts of the world have unique crepe recipes too. Hungary, for example, has a delicious Apricot Crepe recipe right here.

Crepes are versatile. You can use them to make a cake for all sorts of holidays. Mille Crepe Cakes, which translates to thousand crepe cake, is the perfect recipe for the baker at heart.

On the go? If you don't have anytime for a complicated crepe recipe, then try slicing up pieces of pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomatoes and olives into a crepe. Fold your crepe into a fourth, then microwave it for a minute. Lunch is served.

Most kids love sweets. If you want to impress a little one, try adding chocolate ice cream inside of your crepe. Fold over your crepe, and sprinkle blueberries, strawberries and bananas on top. The final touch, of course, would be a dollop of whipped cream. M&M's are always optional too!

That's Amore! Valentines day is right around the corner and today can be great practice for it. Check out this delicious lasagna recipe here.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII: Ditch the Junk for Natural Snacks

Courtesy of Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports
The Seattle Seahawks will go neck-in-neck against the Denver Broncos February 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. The Seahawks won the NFC championship by edging out their fiercest rivals, the 49ers.

With Super Bowl XLVII coming in full swing, many of us are planning parties or getting invites to bar crawls that day.

Most fans don't consider that the pizza, nachos, and subs they will be noshing on are high in fat, cholesterol, carbs and sugar. Yes, it's a special day to scarf down cheesy nachos with beer, but you can celebrate the big game by eating right – and not regretting it the next day. Here are a few ideas: 

Courtesy of
Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip is a healthy way for your family to get in more greens into their diet. All you really need is: olive oil, cream cheese, lemon juice, green onions, etc. Check out the recipe right here. 

Get your protein for the day, in a healthy way. Try these delicious Lemon-Drop Chicken Wings which have a tangy lemon taste and are baked – not fried.

Forget about french fries and try Zuchinni Fries instead. Not only do you get a full boost of vitamin C but you also get to eat these fries guilt-free since they are half the calories of regular french fries.

Courtesy of
If you need a break from red meat, try these Mini Turkey Burgers with Gorgonzola. These mini burgers are full of protein and make perfect finger food for guests (another guilt-free item that's just 169 calories!).

Hearty Chili
Beef and Beer Chili. 'Nuff said. In just 40 minutes, this recipe makes for a full meal.