Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup: Team USA Crepe Recipe

USA! USA! Team USA advances despite Germany defeat. It's a major feat for the U.S to be able to snag its place in the last-16 of the World Cup after duking it out with one of the tournament's toughest groups (Germany).

 Even though the US suffered a momentary loss, team USA persevered. Despite the grisly, monsoon-like conditions, the US even put up a strong offense and endured Germany's strong defense with aplomb.

For the next game, the U.S will now travel to Salvador where they will come face to face with Belgium on Tuesday. For foodies out there, the big joke between the U.S and Belgium is: Hamburgers vs. Waffles. Hopefully you get the meaning before the big game

Anyways, before the big game this coming Tuesday, get your U.S apparel out. It's not only going to be a colossal game but it's also the perfect opportunity to have a small party at your home.  Since this is a great excuse to wine, dine, and shout at your TV screen, why not make delicious Scampi and Artichoke Crepes for your guests?

It's delicious, easy to make, and packs a powerful amount of protein to keep you going during the 90 minute game. It can be your delicious break.

Chef Gabriel uses the most beautiful crustaceans out there--such as lobsters, crabs, crayfish, and scampi--and assembles a remarkable platter. This delicious crepe recipe also uses an ample amount of artichokes and cauliflower for extra pizzazz. Click here for a video and written tutorial.

What are your thoughts on the game? Have you made any interesting dishes? Comment below!

CREPiNi Attends Summer Fancy Food Show 2014

CREPiNi and The Crepe Team will serve delicious crepes at this years Summer Fancy Food Show. This year's show is held at the Jacob Javits center in Manhattan, New York from June 29 until July 1. CREPiNi's booth number is #4701, and enclosed below is a map that highlights our location.

Food distributors, registrants, and consumers in the business will partake in a wide variety of CREPiNi sweet and savory crepes. 

At this year's show we plan to introduce attendees to our newly kosher-certified crepes such as our apple blini, as well as serve delectable vanilla and chocolate mille-crepe-cakes. We're also bringing out our naked-style crepes such as our 3" cocktail crepes, 6" chocolate crepes, 10" classic naked crepes, and our 13' multigrain crepes. 

Foodies will be able to feast on an eclectic variety of filled crepes. We're bringing out our spinach feta, cheese raisin, and veggie roll (formerly braised cabbage) crepes for our ardent fans.

This year's Fancy Food Show is making strides via Twitter. If you are attending the show, and happen to enjoy what you're eating at the CREPiNi booth, tag us @Crepini on Twitter. We'd love to see your delicious tweets. 

CREPiNi Attends Brooklyn Eats Trade Show


CREPiNi and The Crepe Team showcased sweet and savory crepes at the Brooklyn Eats Trade Show June 27, 2014.This is Brooklyn's first food and beverage trade show that both supports food manufacturing businesses and creates a borough-wide community of food producers. 

Buyers, distributors, and hospitality representatives savored Brooklyn's finest culinary treats. Companies such as JoMart Chocolates, The Red Hook Winery, Steve's Ice Cream, Fatty Sundays, Damascus Bakery, Spoonable, Better Off Spread, and countless others, provided attendees with inimitable foodie experiences. 

The brainchild behind Brooklyn Eats is the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, which is a community that supports and advocates for its constituent's businesses. Interested in learning more about the event? Check out their website here. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

CREPiNi Products are Kosher-Certified

CREPiNi pledges to certify all of their products by 2016. These versatile crepes are easy to heat, can be served as appetizers, and do wonders at parties.

Not only that, but they are geared up for this year's Fancy Food Show. CREPiNi will be exhibiting at booth #4701 in the Javitz Center June 29 through July 1st. Attendees will get to sample an array of crepes such as spinach feta, cheese raisin, apple, veggie roll and crepe cakes.

Visit for more information on our products. Follow us @Crepini for updates on the Fancy Food Show.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Win Dad's Heart With These Recipes

It's time to celebrate that all-important guy in your life--dad. We've rounded up some poignant quotes, as well as delicious recipes that will impress him.

1.) "Fatherhood is pretending the present you love the most is soap-on-a-rope."
- Bill Cosby

2.) "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."
- Anne Geddes

3.) "Having a kid is like falling in love for the first time when you're 12, but every day."
- Mike Myers

Great fathers span time, era, and personalities; and that's quite evident with these unique missives. Along with gushing how much you love dad, consider  using these scrumptious recipe ideas for Father's Day. We're sure it will surely win Dad's heart.

1.) Roasted Buffalo Shrimp
This treat is both delicious and novel. Try to serve this dish with celery stalks, cucumber slices, and crunchy fennel. Click here for recipe.

2.) Sour Cherry Old-Fashioned
This retro-style cocktail is infused with syrup-rich cherries, curls of lemon zest, and a rustic style of whiskey. Click here for recipe.

3.) Sausage-Cheddar Balls
This unique interpretation of meatballs, cheddar cheese, and an array of spices form a wonderful appetizer for any bbq, pool party, or family get-together. Click here for recipe.

4.) Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
These tangy and sweet chicken wings have a special kick. Ginger and sesame seeds give this dish an exotic taste. Click here for recipe.

What do you plan to make for your Father? Share recipe ideas down below!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Drink-Inspired Crepe Cake Recipes

The mille-crepe cake trend has been heating up since 2013.

Foodies have been raving about this cake comprised with thin crepe layers since they are oft-times eaten at weddings, brunches, and birthday parties.

This type of  cake, which is often time served up cold, doused in cream, and layered with colorful nuts, can also be infused with unique beverages.

We compiled a list of coffee, tea, and liquor inspired crepe-mille cake recipes that will entice and delight guests.

Green Tea Crepe Cake
Green tea is a great drink to both quench your thirst and arm your body with important antioxidants for the day. When you infuse this beverage into a crepe cake, you create a tasty dessert layered in simple bliss. Click here for recipe.

Coffee Crepe Cake
It's hard to start your morning without coffee. Imagine having a cake flavored with your favorite morning drink? This cake is layered with two sweet fillings--one creamy, one crunchy. Both flavors together yield a divine dessert. Click here for recipe.

Grand Marnier Crepe Cake
This is the perfect recipe for anyone who loves fine liquors, mandarins, and caramel. One-thousand layers of these three ingredients can make anyone crave cake. Click here for recipe.

Thai Tea Crepe Cake
What makes this recipe delicious is that it incorporates brewed Thai tea in both the crepe batter and the filling. When you drizzle the cake with homemade strawberry sauce and with fresh strawberries, you have a beverage in cake-form. Click here for recipe.

Have you created a crepe-cake recipe? If so, share your thoughts on how to make it delicious!