Thursday, June 05, 2014

Drink-Inspired Crepe Cake Recipes

The mille-crepe cake trend has been heating up since 2013.

Foodies have been raving about this cake comprised with thin crepe layers since they are oft-times eaten at weddings, brunches, and birthday parties.

This type of  cake, which is often time served up cold, doused in cream, and layered with colorful nuts, can also be infused with unique beverages.

We compiled a list of coffee, tea, and liquor inspired crepe-mille cake recipes that will entice and delight guests.

Green Tea Crepe Cake
Green tea is a great drink to both quench your thirst and arm your body with important antioxidants for the day. When you infuse this beverage into a crepe cake, you create a tasty dessert layered in simple bliss. Click here for recipe.

Coffee Crepe Cake
It's hard to start your morning without coffee. Imagine having a cake flavored with your favorite morning drink? This cake is layered with two sweet fillings--one creamy, one crunchy. Both flavors together yield a divine dessert. Click here for recipe.

Grand Marnier Crepe Cake
This is the perfect recipe for anyone who loves fine liquors, mandarins, and caramel. One-thousand layers of these three ingredients can make anyone crave cake. Click here for recipe.

Thai Tea Crepe Cake
What makes this recipe delicious is that it incorporates brewed Thai tea in both the crepe batter and the filling. When you drizzle the cake with homemade strawberry sauce and with fresh strawberries, you have a beverage in cake-form. Click here for recipe.

Have you created a crepe-cake recipe? If so, share your thoughts on how to make it delicious!