Saturday, February 08, 2014

CREPiNi Fans Threw a Crepe Party in Maryland

Crepe party picture courtesy of Sherryn 
Crepes are not only delicious and easy to cook with, but they can also be used to theme a birthday party.

Just last weekend, local Maryland blogger Sherryn Daniel, who manages Best of Baltimore Blog, held an intimate birthday party and featured CREPiNi's naked, spinach &feta, and sour cherry crepes for her crepe making station.

Sherryn custom-made crepes for her guests by using fresh spinach, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, olives, and Italian white truffle cream. She would later fold the crepes into fourths, and microwave them for 45 seconds.

Guests loved how the crepes held the filling together and that they were already ready-made. No need to spend 30 minutes making them from scratch.

Crepes were also paired with Turkish Jams ranging from sour cherry, orange rind, pear, and lemon for a more unique tasting experience.

Crepe lovers were impressed with what they ate and also had something to say about about their crepe making/eating experience.

"These are really good crepes. I hope CREPiNi comes to more stores in the DMV"
Stephen Dupal, 
Catonsville, Md.

"Wow, those crepes are filled with deliciousness."
Cyriac Edapully
Germantown, Md.

"All I can say about these crepes is that they are so delicious! I also really like it's versatility. They were easy and fun to prepare. I will definitely buy these if I see them when I go grocery shopping."
Jill Dembek
Rockville, Md

Have you ever had a Crepe party? Comment below!