Sunday, February 23, 2014

Maslenitsa Feb 24 to March 2, 2014 : Russian Crepe Week

Maslenitsa is a religious and folk holiday celebrated during the last week of February, right before Lent.

Though this holiday has origins stemming from pagan and Christian traditions, this ebullient holiday is celebrated as an end to Winter.

 In addition, Maslenitsa, like Lent, is also the last week to enjoy dairy products and secular activities.  Too Americans, this holiday has often been joked as a Russian form of Mardi Gras since there is good food, jovial people, and time-honored traditions.

Activities such as: Sledding, burning a straw-like effigy called "Lady Maslenitsa," visiting family, and riding on swings are quite popular during this week-long holiday.

Did you know that there are also dancing bears during Maslenitsa? Bears are a symbol of Russia.

On Sunday, the holiday reaches a graceful end, when people ask forgiveness from their friends and families for past grievances.

So why is Maslenitsa known as crepe week? Blini (crepes) are the most popular food during this week-long holiday since it's rich in butter, eggs and milk. Blinis are also round like the sun and that represents the beginning of Spring.

Maslenitsa without crepes is like Christmas without presents. Unthinkable.

Blinis are often enjoyed with sour cream, caviar, jams, and berries.

Even if you live in the United States, you can celebrate this holiday from February 24 to March 2. Just eat crepes with your family and rejoice in each other's company.

Happy Maslenitsa from CREPiNi and The Crepe Team! 

We wish you and all of your loved ones a memorable week full of crepes, humor, and tradition. In honor of Maslenitsa we are running sales for our Babulini Blini (just $3.59) and Mini Russian Blini ($2.89) crepes (From Feb 24 - March 2) at your local Netcost Market stores.