Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last Day of the Winter Olympics: Russian Foods to Warm You Up

Russian Hot Chocolate
This year's Winter Olympics was full of many firsts, especially for the United States.

American duo Meryl Davis and Charlie White garnered a gold medal in ice dancing. Who knew ice dancing can be bursting with tranquil yet heart-stopping beauty?

What was also surprising was Snowboarding great Shaun White's epic bum run.  This two-time Olympic half-pipe champion had a killer run but failed at the finals, placing fourth place, overall.

No matter who you were rooting for this year, we have your back when it comes to enjoying the conclusion to today's festivities.

We found delicious Russian recipes that will warm up your bodies---this year's weather, thus far, is off-kilter--and cultivate your mind with Russian culture. Enjoy!

Russian Hot Chocolate
This cold weather calls for some delicious hot chocolate with cream fraiche, brown sugar and orange rind for a zesty after taste. Click here for recipe.

Solianka (Russian Beet Soup)
This is a traditional Russian soup that is often served as a meal, on its' own. This unique dish is comprised of kielbasa, capers, and Hungarian sweet paprika. Click here for recipe.

Russian Tea Time
Did you know that Russia has a long-standing tea tradition? Tea in Russia is a social activity that warms you up and brings people together. Interested in having your own Russian Tea Time at home? Click here for tips.

Beef Khartcho with Fresh Tomatoes
This delicious dish pairs short ribs, Spanish onions, and roma tomatoes in a tantalizing way. Click here for recipe.