Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec.23-31: Get Babulini (Grandma Crepes) at a Discount Price at Netcost

Want an early Christmas gift this year? Starting today through December 31st, CREPiNi's new line of classic Russian Crepes (Babulini Blini) will be on sale at all NetCost Market stores. 

If you're in the tri-state area, then stop by one of our seven locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or Philadelphia, and enjoy delicious Naked crepes or crepes with sweet and savory fillings for only $3.59. Fillings include peach, apple, sour cherry, strawberry, cheese raisin, stewed cabbage, and potato mushroom.

Love miniature versions of your favorite foods? Pick up MiNi CREPiNi, the 6-inch Naked crepes, for $2.89.

Tis' the season :)

Crepini LLC produces crepes that are all natural, vegetarian (non vegan), and nut free. Crepini's crepes are fresh, frozen crepes made for wholesale, retail, and food services and other industries in North America. Visit our website here and also Like us on Facebook here and Follow us on Twitter here for company updates, and recipe ideas.