Monday, May 26, 2014

Picnic-Perfect Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a special day where we all commemorate those who have died serving our country.

In addition, it also celebrates the start of summer and a slew of barbecues thanks to this glorious weather.
Before you plan on going to your town's memorial day parade or even before you plan your BBQ, consider these recipes from The Food Network. 

We found delicious, all-American desserts, crispy fried chicken, and refreshing antipasto salads that will feed and tantalize any crowd.

Strawberry Country Cake
This impressive country cake is flavored with sour cream and spiced with lemon and orange zest. Add a dollop of whipped cream in between cake layers for a dreamy after taste. Click here for recipe.

Cheesecake tart with Berries
What makes this cheesecake taste divine is the fusion of Sherry, cream cheese, and lemon juice. Click here for recipe.

Ree's Fried Chicken Recipe
This recipe ensures a perfect, crispy and golden piece of friend chicken every time. Click here for recipe.

Antipasto Salad Recipe
Make this Italian antipasto salad for any picnic, BBQ, or any family get-together. The fresh ingredients coupled with rich dressings will yield smiles all day. Click here for recipe.

What are you planning this Memorial Day Weekend? Comment below!