Friday, August 10, 2012

Chefs across the U.S. Discover Crepini Crepes

Our signature Naked Crepini is a growing hit among chefs and food service providers all around the country. And what’s not to love about our crepes? Deliciously light flavor, delicate and elastic texture, overall award-winning design – Crepini may be the ideal new standard of crepes.

Here is why chefs choose Crepini:


Professional chefs and home chefs alike take great pride in their work, and want others to enjoy their creations. Anyone who uses Naked Crepini crepes as part of a recipe can serve his or her customers, guests, or family members with confidence – and expect positive feedback!


Our crepes can be used for sweet or savory creations, and they blend well with any filling. You can create appetizers, lunch meals, desserts, and other dishes from Crepini crepes. They are perfectly customizable and can be served in a diverse range of settings. Applications in the service sector include: creperies; cafés; restaurants; catering events; bakeries; schools; travel; and venues with al fresco dining, such as stadiums, malls, and gourmet retail markets’ in-store cafés and hot bars.


Dare we say this? Crepini crepes are a healthier, lighter alternative to breads, pastas, and wraps. You may have doubts – after all, it is a crepe, and how can something that tastes so good be good for you? Well our crepes are all natural and have fewer calories and carbohydrates than others in the same category. Our batter is made from fine flours and fresh premium ingredients; each Naked Crepini is only 80 calories! Compare that to other wraps and breads, which can easily have two to four times more calories per unit.

Now you have the facts. Intrigued? If the answer is yes, then you may be wondering how you can get your hands on these crepes. Visit to learn more!