Thursday, September 06, 2012

NYC Public Schools and Crepini Help Battle Childhood Obesity

Crepini Egg and Cheese Roll-Ups are on the Menu this September

We are proud to announce that New York City public school students will be enjoying a delicious Crepini original for breakfast when they return to school this September. NYC schools have added the Crepini Egg and Cheese Roll-Up to their menu – a blend of natural whole eggs, egg whites, and sautéed onions, spiced up with cheddar and feta cheeses and rolled inside a delicate crepe – a snack kids are sure to love that’s only 100 calories! Parents can be sure their children are getting a high protein meal that will keep them focused, not sluggish. 

According to New York State Health Commissioner, Dr. Richard Daines, 34% of children in New York are overweight or obese. Changing the school menu is one of the first steps necessary to reverse the trends in obesity, early-onset diabetes, and hypertension among children and teens. Crepini is excited to be a part of promoting healthy food choices in the public school system. Doctors and nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet many kids (and adults) skip it because they rush in the morning. Parents should encourage their children to eat breakfast in school if they don’t eat it at home.

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