Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The CREPiNi Brand Evolves

Over the last few months, Crepini and The Crepe Team have focused on new product development and business improvement. Production of mini crepes and new flavors is under way, while the team prepares for the launch of their new website. The site should be ready for business customers in early September and consumers can expect to be able to purchase Crepini online later this year.

Crepini's Naked crepes are now Kosher along with their co-branded smoked salmon crepes cream cheese crepes with Acme, and filled flavors are in the process of being certified. As part of food safety management efforts, Crepini is working on the well-regarded ISO 22000 certification.

While Crepini keeps their loyal customers close, the company has its sights set on new markets. With New York City public schools and American Airlines on board, Crepini has sights set on acquiring airlines, higher education institutions, smoothie bars, cafés, and even consumer goods retailers as customers.

Where would you like crepes to be served?