Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Sweetest Day! How Are You Celebrating It?

Happy Sweetest Day, everyone! Even though this holiday is widely celebrated in the Midwest and is often chided as the kid cousin of Valentine's Day, it's still a perfect way to spread kindness to people you love.

Sweetest Day started in 1922 when Herbert Birch Kingston (a candy company employee) gave sweet treats and presents to the less fortunate. After others joined him in his effort to spread kindness to others, "Sweetest Day of the Year" became part of American tradition.

In fact, here's a compilation of ways for you to celebrate Sweetest Day with a loved one.

Sweetest Day Ideas
  • Volunteer at a nursing home. 
  • Visit your neighbors.
  • Watch comedies with people who are in need of good company.
  • Bring delicious sweets to friends and family.
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