Thursday, October 24, 2013

Game 2: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox, Who Are You Rooting (Eating) For?

Courtesy of Washington Post, Thomas Boswell
Whether you are a die-hard Red Sox fan or a hardcore Cardinals fan, hope is not lost since the World Series is not over yet: There are two more pivotal games before a winner emerges. Will it be the Boston Red Sox, a team that hasn't lost a world series game in 27 years? Or will it be the St. Louis Cardinals, a team that has won eleven world series championships?

I know that when I watch day 2 of this epic game, that I will be making these two dishes that not only commemorate where each team is from but it's also delicious, easy-to-make, and fun to share with guests.

Boston Red Sox Fans
I'm sure when you think of Boston, you automatically think of worldly clam chowder, heart-wrenching Boston cream pies, and Italian food. But did you know that Boston is also famous for fried clams? A great way to support your team, "gastrinomically", is to make this Boston inspired dish. Check out this Youtube clip from the Food Network on easy-to-make fried clams and oysters.
Easy Fried Clams and Oysters--Food Network

St. Louis Cardinals Fans
Whenever I think of St.Louis a waft of imaginary BBQ smells tantalize my nostrils. But did you know that the area is also known for their fried raviolis? Not only is this an easy-to-make recipe, but it's great for game time when you see your favorite team up the ante against their formidable rivals. Check out this Youtube clip simple tips on making the most scrumptious fried ravioli--ever!
Easy to Make Fried Ravioli Recipe

Are you planning on watching the game at home? Preparing a World Series party with friends and family? If so, what do you plan to make for guests? Feel free to suggest recipe ideas and tips right below this post.