Monday, January 20, 2014

So Many Crepes, So Little Time!

This year has been an auspicious year for CREPiNi and the Crepe team. Aside from our website launch, new Babulini Blini (Grandma's crepes) line, and notable new customers, we have more news to share with you!

We developed a new line of Multi Grain Naked crepes that is nutritious, delicious and scrumptious! In fact, we even created a special chicken Marsala sausage filling that goes great with these crepes (but we are also sure you can also come up with singular yet tasty fillings, too).

So many crepes, so little time!

Our equipment is more powerful than ever before. We can now produce 10,000 crepes (including mini crepes) per hour. Our production line has increased and that can only mean more yummy crepes for you.

Look out for more CREPiNi products at your local stores and let us know what you think of our new products!

Crepini, LLC produces all natural crepes that are vegetarian-friendly, nut free, and Kosher certified. Our crepes are made fresh-to-order, and are available for wholesale, retail, and food service in North America. Visit our website here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for company updates and more recipe ideas.