Sunday, August 24, 2014

5 Delectable Pre Season NFL Recipes Even the Hungriest Fan Will Love

Week 3 of of the NFL preseason games is our best chance to witness some real football matches between fan favorites such as the New England Patriots, and the New York Giants.

Of course, we're amped up for the New York Giants vs. the New York Jets game. So far, Eli Manning has been averaging 3.06 yards per attempt in three preseason games.

If you are a New York Giants fan, remember to show some encouragement before the battle for the Snoopy Trophy.

To help get you all ready for this week's games, we compiled  some hearty yet boozy-filled recipes.

1.) Beer Can Chicken Recipe
If you have a can of unopened beer you're just a few more steps ahead into making the most NFL-worthy chicken recipe your friends will eat this week. Remember to use your favorite dry spice rubs, 1 whole chicken, and kosher salt to liven up this boozy bird. Click here for recipe.

2.) Guacamole with Tequila and Lime 
This grown up guacamole recipe gets its kick from seeded jalapeno peppers and with a tablespoon of  high quality tequila. Click here for recipe.

3.) Super Nachos
Rachael Ray developed this colorful nacho recipe  by combining red, black, and yellow tortilla chips. The pico de galla recipe also freshly revitalizes each nacho chip. Click here for recipe.

4.) Cheeseburger Quesadillas
Hungry football fans love burger and quessadillas. So why not combine both fan favorites into a memorable dish? Click here for recipe.

5.) Hearty Vegetable Stew
If you need to get more veggies into your diet, this is a surefire way to do so. This hearty recipe uses thyme, olive oil, cannelini beans and kale to ensure you get a healthier source of Vitamin A and protein. Click here for recipe.

Who are you rooting for to win this week's preseason games? Comment below!