Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crepes from Around the World

Most countries have their own rendition of a crepe. Sometimes they are sweet, salty, thin, thick or a mixture of both.

Other times, these delicious crepes are topped with sour cream, ground meat, or fruit.

Often times, they are eaten in the middle of the street or savored with family during special holiday.

We compiled a list, from Buzzfeed, of popular crepes enjoyed from different parts of the world ranging from the United States to Greece and India.

Tiganites (Greece)
Thin, yet beautifully browned crepes that can be topped with cinnamon, honey or yogurt.

Dosa (India)
It's a fermented crepe made from rice batter. This popular South Indian dish is often enjoyed with decadent chutneys, and lentil soups like sambar.

Hotcakes (Mexico)
Although hotcakes are similar to American pancakes, they do differ in preparation and are often made with brown butter and heaps of cinnamon.

Somalia (Anjero)
Although it's similar to the Ethiopian injera, this spongy flat bread is made with raising yeast flour.

Cachapas (Venezuela)
These round, corn pancakes, are normally folded over with fresh cheese.

Kaisherchmarrn (Austria)
In short, these fluffy little pieces of bread are named after Kaiser France Joseph of Austria. These caramelized pieces are often enjoyed with jam, honey, and cream.

Buttermilk Pancakes (United States)
The classic pancake is fluffy, light and served with fresh maple syrup. What makes this dish so popular in the U.S is its signature thickness, thanks to a heaping dose of baking soda.

Are there any crepe-like dishes that you love to eat that you do not see on this list? Sound off!