Saturday, April 05, 2014

Traditional Foods For Passover

Passover, this year, begins in the evening of April 14 and ends in the evening of April 22.

Aside it being a holiday rich in tradition, family and food. Did you know that a number of foods eaten during the first two nights of Passover have special meaning?

Family customs may vary.  However, here's a listing of some traditional items eaten during Seder.

Three unleaven pieces of bread are placed within the folds of a napkin. This symbolizes the time when the Israelites fled Egypt in haste.

It's a vegetable, either parsley or celery, that represents salvation and hope. Normally, it's served in a bowl of salt water to represent shed tears.

In short, it's a mixture of nuts, wine, fruit, and cinnamon. This is served as a reminder of the mortar used by Jewish people in the construction of buildings as slaves.

Traditionally, this roasted piece of lamb represents the paschal sacrificial offering. 

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