Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Shakespeare! Wonder What He Would Eat Today?

If William Shakespeare was still alive, he would be 450 years old today.

His work has stood the test of time primarily because they are relevant today.

Imagine a TV Soap without the influence of "Romeo or Juliet" or, better yet, a play without the influence of "Hamlet", "Macbeth", or "Twelfth Night"?

Shakespeare has forever shaped the way we view literature, entertainment and the English language. Not only that, have you ever wondered what foods nourished this acclaimed playwright?

What did he eat before he even wrote his innumerable sonnets? What quenched his thirst after he acted in one of his plays?

Shakespeare and his contemporaries enjoyed different fruits, nuts, and herbs given the season. The diet of any 16th century Englishman (or woman) provided sustenance and medicine. Primarily, pottage and bread were the main staple during this era. Depending on what bread was eaten determined the social position of the consumer.

Imported sugars and spices influenced English cooking back then and were also used to preserve foods. In addition, wines and beers with low alcohol content were consumed during ever meal. If you want to read more about Shakespear's diet, click here.