Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CREPiNi & The Crepe Team will be at Goldman Sachs Employee Cafeterias Nov. 20th and Nov. 21st

Today and tomorrow, Goldman Sachs employees will feast on sweet and  savory crepes made by premier chefs using our Naked CREPiNi Crepes.

If you are a Goldman Sachs employee, and work at the New York office, come to the employee cafeteria Today at:
200 West St. 
New York, NY 

Likewise, if you work at the Jersey City location, treat yourself to a Crepini breakfast or lunch November 21st at the cafeteria located at:
30 Hudson St.
Jersey City, NJ

Moreover, did you know that Goldman Sachs has been creating buzz on the internet over their state-of-the-art cafeteria pricing system?

Check this article out! Maybe restaurants across the U.S could follow in Goldman Sachs lead when it comes to cutting costs yet, at the same time, create demand.