Friday, November 01, 2013

Christine C. Quinn Visited The CREPiNI Factory This Summer

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York lies the Crepini  factory. Here in Sunset Park, Crepini produces
 6,000 crepes per hour in a state-of-the-art facility where production ensures that crepes are perfectly, thin, elastic, and robust with flavor.

Christine C. Quinn Visits Crepini
Last June, Christine C. Quinn, who is the first female speaker of the New York City Council---plus one of NYC's mayoral candidates this year-- paid Crepini a visit  and had a first-hand look at the crepe-making process.

Councilwoman Quinn was given a comprehensive tour of the facility and shown how Crepini's crepe batter is made and how it is poured evenly unto a hot plated moving belt, and how delicious, unique fillings get rolled into each crepe.

CREPiNi is on Wikipedia
Wikipedia is the go-to-source for  unearthing information on celebrities, historical figures and even companies.

For all you Wikipedia and Crepini fans out there, you can find Crepini under Special Crepes in Crepes Wikipedia page.

Since Crepini is a one-of-a-kind product that melds the traditional French crepe with Russian blini, it surely makes a singular impression on Wikipedia.

Have you ever visited Crepini's crepe factory? Or better yet, have you found Crepini on Wikipedia? Comment below! 

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