Friday, November 15, 2013

Eating healthier in New York City School Cafeterias

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Eating healthier foods is an important factor that contributes to how students grow, learn, and acquire nutrition.

Students who eat well balanced meals have a greater chance of achieving better emotional and physical health. And, not only that, but eating a well balanced meals also influences how students achieve better grades, have less aggravation in class, and acquire better emotional well being overall.

New York City Schools are well aware over how  healthier eating habits can impact students well into adult hood. Students who eat healthier early on in life can carry those habits for the rest of their lives. So eating healthier now can cut medical bills in half.
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The Department of Education for the State of New York recently implemented healthier eating options and programs so children will not only learn to eat healthier but also understand the value of nutrition.

Here's a brief listing of initiatives that educate students on eating a well balanced diet.

  • Garden to School: This program teaches kids proper eating habits and how to grow their own gardens. Did you know that gardening is a form of exercise? 
  • Salad Bars: Programs like this connects school lunches with school gardening initiatives and  that ultimately educates students on the importance of nutrition. Recently, this program expanded to 60 New York City schools.
  • School Wellness Programs: Students will be a part of a program that is committed to raising student achievement levels and with combating childhood obesity by learning more about nutrition.
  • Youth and Cooking Nutrition Programs: Young people are empowered to develop a knowledge and love for cooking healthier options, and to be conscientious consumers. This program includes hands-on cooking sessions, nutrition talks, and memorable field trips to farmers markets and local grocery stores. 
  • Learn it, Eat it, Grow it: A hands-on program that inspires teens to take control of their own health and to give back to their own community through hands-on gardening, outreach, and through nutrition enrichment.
For the months of November and December, students who attend New York Schools will be able to snack on Crepini crepes during lunch time. On New York City's Department of Education "Feed Your Mind" program, Crepini egg n' cheese roll-ups were served November 5 (election day) and on November 16. Crepini makes natural, nutritious crepes that are not only nut free but also great for vegetarians.

When it's December, students will be able to savor Crepini's egg n' cheese roll-ups December 10 and 31 (New Years Eve). 

Comment below any ideas or suggestions on how children can eat healthier during lunch time.

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