Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Summer Food-Trends Inspired Crepes For 2014

The Specialty Food Association prides itself on being ahead of food trends and, often times, the Summer and Winter Fancy Food Shows accurately predicts which trends will dominate the food industry for the coming year.

This year's Summer Fancy Food show, held between June 29-1 at the Jacob Javits center, was the biggest show held since it made its debut in 1955.

Not only were the exhibit halls bursting with snack foods stemming from 49 countries, but trend setters, consultants, and food experts identified this year's top 5 food trends along with the Specialty Food Association.

If you love to stay abreast of food trends and have a fervent love for anything that deals with crepes, check out our list of food-trend inspired crepes!

1.) Cookie Butter Spreads
Cookie spreads are paving a strong path in the food industry. Spreads such as oatmeal cookie butter, fluffernana cookie butter, and graham cracker natural cookie spread would go great inside of a naked-style CREPiNi crepe. Check out Dave's Gourmet, Gooey on the Inside, and Amoretti for more delectable cookie spread options.

2.) Smoked Foods
Smoked flavored foods moved beyond the meat category and have made a strong impression with candies, pickled vegetables, and chocolates. If you are hankering for something smoked flavor, check out this Smoked Salmon Crepe Torte Recipe. Click here for recipe.

3.) Bourbon Flavored Treats
Booze flavored anything gets patrons in restaurants, foodies into cafes, and stores stocked with unique liquor-inspired treats. Bourbon has been making a splash with seasonings, treats and snacks this year. Why not get into the fad by making Chocolate Banana Bourbon Crepes. Click here for recipe.

4.) A Cornucopia of Jerky
Jerky is getting a major face lift this year. Now more meats are flavored with innovative flavors and this also includes seafood. Machaca Tacos uses refined dry meats and it's a creative way to eat tacos. Click here for recipe.

5.) Matcha Green Tea
Green tea is like the miracle drink, especially since it's chock full of antioxidants and anti-cancer fighting properties. Now matcha green tea is leading the food industry with ice cream, baked goods, and beverage inspired flavors. Matcha green tea goes great with Matcha Green Tea Crepes. Click here for recipe.

What are your thoughts on this year's food trends? Sound off below!