Thursday, July 17, 2014

What are CREPiNi Classics?

Veggie Roll
CREPiNi is proud to roll out a more traditional sweet and savory line of crepes.

These crepes are a variation of a Russian pancake and are made to bring back a slice of home into your kitchen.

We've already premiered our peach, strawberry, apple caramel, sour cherry, veggie roll, cheese raisin, and potato mushroom unto our online store.

Interested in learning more about our CREPiNi classics?
Check out a brief yet delicious description below on what we have to offer.
You will not be left disappointed with these flavors.

Our peach CREPiNi classics are made with delicate naked crepes and are rolled with sweet, juicy peaches. They are only 110 calories a piece and are a sure fire way to make you feel peachy afterwards.
Peach Crepes
Our strawberry CREPiNi classics are made with naked crepes and are rolled with fresh, sweet strawberries. This guilt-free treat is great for breakfast, brunch, and for dessert.
Strawberry Crepes
Apple Caramel
These apple caramel crepes beats any pie Grandma bakes. Imagine delicate naked crepes filled to the brim with moist, sweet, apple and cinnamon filling? These juicy caramel apple crepes go great with ice cream and gets party guests craving for more.
Apple Caramel Crepes

Sour Cherry
Pucker up for this European classic. Our sour cherry crepes are wrapped delicately in naked crepes with whole cherries. Pair this delicious treat with fruit flavored vodkas, or better yet, serve this up as an appetizer for a friend or family get together.
Sour Cherry Crepes

Veggie Roll
Think of our veggie roll as a softer, tastier egg role. We use naked crepes rolled with scrumptious onions, spiced-carrots, and stewed cabbage. Our veggie crepe rolls use a classic Eastern European filling
Veggie Rolls

Cheese Raisin
For this particular crepe we roll slightly sweet Farmer's cheese, and whole raisins. This sweet yet subtle crepe pairs well with mixed fruits, fruit jams, and caramel sauces. Bon apetite!
Cheese raisin crepes

Potato Mushroom
This classic savory crepe is filled with white mushrooms and potatoes. It not only makes a healthy snack but it also makes a great side dish to any meat dish.
Potato Mushroom
What's your favorite CREPiNi Classic flavor? Why do you like it? Comment below!