Saturday, July 12, 2014

Top Five Kid-Friendly Crepe Ideas for Parents and Teachers

Kids ranging from three to to nine love to play with their food.
Learning through play is a great way to exercise one's creativity, ingenuity, and even critical thinking skills.

The great aspect about crepes is that they are versatile and pliable enough to be played with. All you need is a list of ideas, rambunctious kids, and an endless supply of crepes.

Here are top five ways you can incorporate more fun and play with your meals. Not only will kids have a great time interacting with their food but you will be able to make timeless memories right in your kitchen.

1.) In Japan, popular creperies use ice cream sculptures to encapsulate popular cartoon or anime figures inside of their crepes. All you need are naked-style crepes, candy pieces, colorful ice cream flavors (like green tea or strawberry), and ice cream scoops to achieve this activity.

2.) Kids love bunnies,'nuff said. Follow the image below to replicate this delicious bunny crepe. It's also a great way to celebrate Easter, after the little ones are done searching for Easter eggs.

3.) Strawberry shortcake is a popular dessert, pop culture character, and inspiration behind this crepe cake idea. Instead of whipped cream, kids can layer flavored yogurt. Bon apetite!

4.) If your kid is learning to love Roy G. Biv (the colors of the rainbow), then they will surely love this idea. Make different colored crepes with your kids, and have them place them according to the colors of the rainbow.

5.) Self expression via speaking, writing, and with making funny faces on crepes is a healthy way to express emotions. When kids make funny faces on whole grain crepes with apples, yogurt, and nuts, they will also eat healthier too.

Aside from doting households, teachers can uses these kid-friendly crepe ideas in classrooms to promote creativity, teamwork, and self-expression.

Do you have a kid-friendly crepe idea? Sound off below!